Marinas currently offer only water supply, electricity and telephone line services. With the passing of the years, power pedestals have not followed the evolution of the times, remaining in this way obsolete regarding the technologies that surround us and the evolution itself of the marinas, now real attractions that complement the range of services with the on-site creation of shopping areas, shops, restaurants and hotels. The power pedestals, being placed in hostile environments, have a short life cycle .
The market that includes the yachts with a length of less than 15/18 meters (in Italy is 1,500,000 units) are not equipped with an air conditioning system. This catchment area would benefit greatly from the rental of this service. Given the commercial importance of marinas, a large number of companies are currently interested in advertising their products in this context.


Leonardo is born as answer to the current needs of boaters and managers of ports, carrying innovation in a segment of market remained essentially unchanged for years and distorting the current principle for which the purchase of power pedestals is essentially a costThis power pedestal is equipped with advanced services such as air conditioning system, an interactive 24/7 operating monitor and a removable electric box to increase the longevity of the product.


In addition to the supply of electricity and water to the yachts, it has an air conditioning system that can be easily connected to the boat
and an interactive monitor.