The Power Pedestal

Leonardo is a power pedestal that in addition to the supply of electricity and water to yachts, has an air conditioning system that can be easily connected to the boat and an interactive monitor.

It has an eco-sustainable structure, solid and modular, adaptable to the needs of the marina and boaters. The components, being removable, can be easily replaced allowing you to lengthen the life cycle of the power pedestal without resorting to total replacement. Leonardo is created with environmentally friendly and recyclable materials, maintaining an innovative and attractive design that can be customized according to the color of the slats of the decking.

Leonardo is also distinguished by the presence of the PC Panel. Through this monitor, it can spread information, advertisements, maps, videos, music and alerts to visitors. Leonardo is a European patent

The modular Power Pedestal

THE POWER PEDESTAL – Leonardo is a last generation of power pedestal for ports and marinas. The only one able to guarantee a gradual transition to the electric thanks to its modular and eco-sustainable structure. The electrical box is removable and can be replaced with a charging station according to the needs of boaters and marinas. The materials are environmentally friendly and recyclable. An innovative and customizable design, decorated with wpc slats, similar to your decking.

MODULARITY – Thanks to the modular system of the electric box, you can quickly change the layout of the electrical sockets, without having to change the entire power pedestal.

This allows boaters to switch from endothermic to electric engine without having to lose their berth. In addition, during the months of non-use, through the empty electrical boxes, it will be possible to winterize sockets and electrical components, preserving them from salt and bad weather

Leonardo smart power pedestal in addition to the classic supply of electricity and water, has additional innovative services: an air conditioning system that can be connected to the boat and an interactive PC panel that displays information, advertisements, maps, videos, music and visitor notices.

AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM – 90% of the small boats on the market, for economic reasons or space, does not have their own air conditioning system. Leonardo offers boaters the opportunity to rent it. It consist of an external unit inserted in the power pedestal, an internal unit (split) to be placed on the boat and a 10/15 mt. pipe as a connection. You will have all the advantages of an air conditioning system, without incurring the costs of purchase, installation and maintenance.

INTERACTIVE MONITOR – The monitor is a IP 65 PC Panel dust and waterproof, created specifically for outdoor use and equipped with high brightness, anti-vandalism system and built-in wifi. It is managed by the seawolf software, which allows you to display advertisements and at the same time to offer an information service to boaters.

ECO-FRIENDLY – Leonardo is made of 316 L stainless steel with supermirror treatment, which recalls the accessories of the yachts and is decorated with WPC slats, the same that cover the pontoons, in order to create a chromatic continuity. In addition, these materials are durable, safe and 100% recyclable.



  • Exclusive service for your customers
  • A/C Rental
  • Low maintenance cost thanks to
    to removable parts
  • Possibility to buy separately
    the refrigeration group limiting the initial investment
  • Exploiting the potential of the monitor
    selling advertising
  • Customizable design


  • Yachts that do not own
    a system can receive air
    air conditioning and heating through
    a lightweight, compact, silent fan coil.
    There is a saving of space and money,
    no invasive hull surgery.
  • Constant update via monitor (weather, tourist information…).


  • Can be rented to exhibitors
  • It can offer visitors all the information related to the boats exposed saving staff and safeguarding the boat
    from wear and damage;
  • The monitor can be programmed to offer virtual visits of the vessel, Sea trials, provide technical data sheets, prices etc.;
  • The air conditioning system can transform the exposed vessel into an office, or provide fresh air to the stands that require it;
  • It can be installed next to a pre-existing column and be powered by the latter, avoiding further electrical wiring.