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In addition to the supply of electricity and water to the yachts, it has an air conditioning system that can be easily connected to the boat and an interactive monitor.


The oceans cover about 70% of the earth’s surface and are an essential element for the economic and environmental development of the planet. Climate change and environmental degradation pose a huge threat.

Leonardo is the new service pedestal that turns its cost in an incredible income opportunity for marinas and improves the way you manage your own boat. Leonardo is a service pedestal that provides you:


  • Charging sockets for electric boats from 7.4 to 22 KW
  • Electricity from 16 to 400 A
  • Water
  • Air conditioning and heating
    for small yachts
  • An interactive communication system with your guests via a IP65 touch screen monitor for outdoor
  • A fully modular system offering an infinite number of layouts for your marina

Leonardo is an environmentally friendly power pedestal made of solid 316 L stainless steel and covered with WPC slats similar to the decking of your marina.

Leonardo WHERE


  • Exclusive service for your customers
  • A/C Rental
  • Low maintenance cost thanks to
    to removable parts
  • Possibility to buy separately
    the the air conditioning system limiting
    the initial investment
  • Exploiting the potential of the monitor
    selling advertising
  • Customizable design


  • Yachts that do not own an A/C system can receive air conditioning and heating through a lightweight, compact, silent fan coil.
    There is a saving of space and money,
    no invasive hull intervention.
  • Constant update via monitor (weather, tourist information…).


  • Can be rented to exhibitors
  • It can offer visitors all the information related to the boats exposed saving staff and safeguarding the boat from wear and damage;
  • The monitor can be programmed to offer virtual visits of the vessel, Sea trials, provide technical data sheets, prices etc.;
  • The air conditioning system can transform the exposed vessel into an office, or provide fresh air to the stands that require it;
  • It can be installed next to a pre-existing power pedestal and be powered by the latter, avoiding further electrical wiring.